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Our Branded Products Fresh Fish

Fresh fish is what we are proudest of, branded by us.  Our tasty collection includes Smoked Rainbow Trout, Norwegian Salmon, Atlantic Mackerel and Smoked Snoek.  Since we have opened our products have been renowned in Cape Town for their amazing quality, variety, reliability, and service.  Please don’t hesitate to contact us.  We promise to always try to accommodate your needs!


Smoked Rainbow Trout Slices - 100 g Retail pack Delicately smoked, finely sliced and interleaved. Our quality Rainbow Trout is sourced from sustainable aquaculture farms in South Africa, Kingdom of Lesotho, Norway or Denmark.


Smoked Norwegian Salmon - 100 g Retail pack. Delicately, smoked, finely sliced and interleaved. All our Salmon is sourced from sustainable aquaculture farms in Norway. An elegant and pleasurable taste experience!

From hand selecting the freshest seafood for customers in the early hours of each morning, to ensuring customers’ orders arrive on time and in pristine condition, the team at CFE Smokehouse strives to deliver customers value for money, immaculate quality and industry-leading customer service.  The unmatched quality of CFE Smokehouse’s seafood and service is best illustrated by the world-class restaurants that the company supplies. This extensive list includes: Mount Nelson.  The building of any great restaurant starts with securing the highest quality produce. Don’t compromise on the quality of your seafood – contact CFE Smokehouse today South Africa Bureau of Standards (SABS) Frozen and canned fish or shell fish, any hermetically sealed fish products, commercially sterile and sealed in plastic Each imported consignment is inspected ·        No SABS control or specifications for fresh fish or fresh fish on ice(chilled)  The Department Food and Associated Industries, administers the following Compulsory Specifications (imported and local products: Canned Fish, Canned Fish Products and Canned Marine Molluscs Canned Crustaceans Canned Meat Products Frozen Fish, Frozen Marine Molluscs, and Frozen Fish and Frozen Marine Mollusc Products Frozen Rock Lobster Products Frozen Shrimps (Prawns), Langoustines and Crabs Smoked Snoek (frozen)  Export from South Africa to other countries, including certification for EU


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